Why are plant detections showing up in red as weeds?

Explanation of the the "Population Analysis" and "Weed detection" processing options, and appropriate settings for each.

The Population Analysis processing option (only available with a SlantView Pro license) allows the user to produce maps of Population Density, Plant Size, Weed detections, and Emergence Fraction.

If you are seeing false weed detections in Population Analysis, check the following settings:

  • By size: SlantView can detect weeds based on size. The default setting is to classify all plants that are 10x the median plant area as weeds. Once leaves from neighboring plants begin to overlap, several plants may be detected as a single plant, and may surpass this threshold leading to false weed detections.
  • By location: enabling this setting tells SlantView to assume that the planting geometry is the same everywhere in the field. If areas of the field having perpendicular rows, and you do not disable this setting you may see false weed detections like this:

The Weed Detection processing option treats all vegetation detected as weeds, and shows only a density map of detected weeds. All vegetation detected will be highlighted in red.