Why do I only see the "Log metadata" processing option?

If "Log metadata" is the only available processing option: SlantView is not recognizing an active license for your sensor, or the folder selected is not recognized as a dataset.

  1. Best practice is to not modify the dataset folders as they come off the sensor. Leave the timestamp name of the folder intact, and do not remove the raw images from the top level of the directory. The folder itself can be moved around at will on your data storage devices, and folders can be created within the raw dataset to store SlantView exports, for example.
  2. Verify you have an active license by logging into your account on analytics.slantrange.com and clicking "View Plan Information." If you do not have an active plan for your sensor, you can renew your plan on our online store by selecting "Build A Bundle" then "I Already Own My Sensor".
  3. Be sure the folder containing the raw images from the data collection is selected. SlantView does not recursively search the directory for the raw data. If a sub-folder, such as the "GeoTIFF" or "SHP" created within SlantView is selected, SlantView will not be able to find the raw data and thus will not recognize the folder as a real dataset.