How do I batch process data in SlantView?

Learn how to process many datasets automatically using a batch script.

Use the format:

SlantView.exe -i"(path to data folder)" -p2 -w -k -g -s -o"(path to desired output folder)" -X

The options for Processing are:

  • -i"path" or -I"path" : path to source image folder
  • -o"path" or -O"path" : path to the folder for output products
  • -k or -K : save maps in the KMZ file
  • -g or -G : save maps in GeoTIFF format
  • -s or -S : save maps as shapefiles
  • -w or -W : save the workspace
  • -p0 or -P0 : Weed Detection processing mode
  • -p1 or -P1 : Population processing mode
  • -p2 or -P2 : Stress Analysis processing mode
  • -x : clean up after Processing but do not exit
  • -X : clean up after Processing and exit
  • -e4 or E4 : export images formatted for Pix4D processing, this is a separate processing type and cannot be combined with other options (sample cmd: SlantView.exe -i"C:\SlantRange\Data\20150616T185916" -e4 -o"C:\SlantRange\Data\ExportProducts\" -X

The following is an example batch script that Processes four Stress Analysis Datasets, saving Workspaces, KMZs, GeoTIFFs, and shapefiles for each:

SlantView.exe -i"C:\SlantRange\Data\20150616T185916" -p2 -w -k -g -s -o"C:\SlantRange\Data\ExportProducts\" -X

SlantView.exe -i"C:\SlantRange\Data\20150616T193128" -p2 -w -k -g -s -o"C:\SlantRange\Data\ExportProducts\" -X

SlantView.exe -i"C:\SlantRange\Data\20150616T185916" -p2 -w -k -g -s -o"C:\SlantRange\Data\ExportProducts\" -X

SlantView.exe -i"C:\SlantRange\Data\20150616T203810" -p2 -w -k -g -s -o"C:\SlantRange\Data\ExportProducts\" -X