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Formatting SD Cards

How to format SD cards for use with your SlantRange sensor

You will need the latest SlantRange Toolbox for your sensor, available on analytics.slantrange.com, to format new SD cards. Note that the SD card that ships with your system is already formatted correctly.

To format a MicroSD card, insert the MicroSD card into the sensor, power on the sensor, and connect your computer to the sensor's WiFi. Run the Format SD card tool from the SlantRange Toolbox. On completion, power cycle your sensor.

Additional SD cards can be purchased online at any major retailer. Please use the following guidelines when selecting a card.

  • MicroSD card form factor
  • 64GB or larger capacity
  • Class 10 UHS 3 (U3) - 100 MB/s speed rating
IMPORTANT - SD cards used with your SlantRange system must be formatted as FAT32. Most new SD cards must be formatted using the Format SD card tool before use with your sensor.

On occasion, you may you see a memory corrupted message when the SD card is connected to your computer asking you to repair it. This is safe to do as this will not remove the data or change the SD card's file system.