Why is there a blinking green light and solid red light on the AIS after my flight?

A blinking green light and solid red light after a flight indicates an error during data collection. The data should be checked and the flight should be performed again.

On rare occasions, errors can occur during a flight and the system will notify the user with a solid red light on the AIS. The solid red light can indicate the following:

  • Camera triggering issues
  • Camera disconnection
  • The sensor overheated

In all situations, the sensor stopped collecting data during the flight. The coverage map should be checked in SlantView to see where data collection stopped. To view the coverage map, follow the instructions here: https://analytics.slantrange.com/UserGuide/process-data.html.

If you have this issue often, please contact support@slantrange.com and provide the following:

  1. Did the sensor experience any hard landings or crashes?
  2. What is your sensor model and serial number?
  3. Please attach a log file using the instructions at the end of this page: https://analytics.slantrange.com/HardwareGuide/3p-toolbox-and-calibration.html