Compass Calibration

Perform compass calibrations outdoors and away from large metal objects.

Each time you mount your SlantRange sensor to a new aircraft, change aircraft hardware, or move the sensor 500 or more miles from the location of previous calibration, we recommend running a compass calibration to get an accurate magnetic profile of the sensor's surroundings.

Before running a compass calibration, power the sensor and connect to the sensor's WiFi in the same way you would connect a wireless network. Select the network displaying your sensor serial number "000#SL#P####". We do not recommend checking the "connect automatically box".


3p Systems: slantrange3p

4p Systems: slantrange


Once connected, select the Sensor Calibration option, which will take you to the main calibration menu:


Select Compass and follow the instructions on screen.


The six calibration sequences can be performed in any order and you can spin the sensor in either direction.

  1. Hold the aircraft and sensor in one of the six orientations shown. After a few seconds the software will recognize the orientation.
  2. The box's border will turn from red to yellow and display a green arrow around the aircraft.
  3. Begin rotating the aircraft and sensor.
  4. Once a calibration sequence is complete, you will see the box turn green as shown below.
  5. Move to another orientation and wait for a yellow box to appear.
  6. Spin until box turns green. Repeat in each orientation.
  7. Once all six calibration sequences are complete, reboot the sensor before collecting data.