Why is my AIS displaying solid green and blinking yellow lights?

Constant solid green and blinking yellow lights on the AIS after power up is an indication that the sensor is not properly installed or calibrated.

The SlantRange multispectral camera contains a GPS, IMU, barometer, and compass sensors that are used for image placement and calibration. These sensors must be installed properly and calibrated before image data can be collected. On power up, the 3p/3PX system checks if these sensors are installed and calibrated correctly by performing a preflight check. If the sensor is configured properly, the preflight check should not take more than 30 seconds after each power on cycle.

If you are experiencing very long preflight checks indicated by constant solid green and blinking yellow lights on the AIS, then installation and calibration of the 3p/3Px sensor should be checked.

Installation instructions for the 3p/3PX sensors can be found in the User Guide in the following links. It is very important that everything be installed correctly.

  • The mounting angle of the field sensor and AIS must be the same. One common problem is mounting the AIS bracket backwards so the AIS angle is incorrect.
  • All cables and connector pins should be checked for damage.
  • When the cable is connected you should feel a slight click.

3p - https://analytics.slantrange.com/HardwareGuide/3p-operation/3p-mounting.html

3PX - https://analytics.slantrange.com/HardwareGuide/3px-operation/3px-mounting.html

After installation on the aircraft a compass calibration should be performed outside and away from large metal objects. Follow the instructions found in the following link.

Compass Calibration - https://analytics.slantrange.com/HardwareGuide/3p-toolbox-and-calibration.html

After performing the above checks and a compass calibration, the preflight checks should pass quickly when the aircraft is motionless on the ground and outside with a clear view of the sky.

If you still experience long preflight check times, please email support@slantrange.com and provide the following information:

  1. At anytime during calibration was a Gyroscope or Accelerometer calibration also performed?
  2. Did the sensor experience any hard landings or crashes?
  3. What is your sensor model and serial number?
  4. Please attach a log file using the following instructions at the end of this page. https://analytics.slantrange.com/HardwareGuide/3p-toolbox-and-calibration.html