Aerial Phenotyping: Sensor and Aircraft Equipment Checklist

(For 4P+ SlantRange sensors with NAV module and RTK base station) Before heading to the field to fly, verify all equipment is ready.

Aircraft System (DJI M200)

  • M200 aircraft
  • 2 of each propeller type, marked grey and black
  • 2 aircraft legs
  • 2 GPS antennas mounted to port and starboard masts
  • Telemetry radio and antenna mounted on the front of battery port
  • Aircraft controller with data cable, fully charged
  • Aircraft batteries, fully charged
  • iOS/Andriod tablet, fully charged
    • Preferred mission planning software installed
    • Reachview app installed, for checking RTK base station status (WiFi password: "emlidreach")
    • Missions in flight planning app, cached in local memory for offline use
    • Mobile data hotspot (optional)
  • Landing pad (optional)
  • Mobile generator/battery pack, for recharging aircraft batteries (optional)
  • 12V car inverter to charge laptop, aircraft controller, etc. (optional)

SlantRange System

4P series sensor

  • 4P series field sensor
  • Ambient Illumination Sensor (AIS), mounted
  • Y cable connecting field sensor, AIS, and telemetry radio
  • MicroSD card(s) formatted, with available memory
  • Windows laptop with SlantView 3.0 and SlantRange Toolbox installed, fully charged
  • MicroSD to USB converter

RTK base station

  • Emlid Reach RS+ RTK base station, fully charged
  • Telemetry radio
  • USB OTG cable connecting base station to telemetry radio
  • Tripod