Quality Check

The quality check option can be used as an initial data check, alongside a visual reference point to determine what field a dataset represents

It is recommend to check the quality map after each data collection. It can be loaded without coping the data from the SD Card.

The coverage map can be viewed during the initial processing step, after following the path Data -> Process Dataset, from within SlantView.

Once your dataset folder is selected, click the coverage icon on the bottom of the window.


Quality Coverage Map

  • Completed flight legs with all images overlaping with one another.

Missing Data

  • Check to make sure your AIS and sensor are mounted at the right angle and orientation
  • Check your AIS cable connection. Specifically, if your AIS cable "clicks" into the AIS, has no bent pins, and is not loose at either end.
Coverage Map

Negative Overlap

  • Increase your sidelap during your mission planning stage. Sidelap is based on the conditions of the flight, with factors such as wind causing the need to increase sidelap Most datasets are collected in a range of 20-40% sidelap. We recommend starting at 30% sidelap and adjusting as needed.