Aerial Phenotyping: Ambient Illumination Sensor (AIS) Light Code Troubleshooting

A guide for various AIS light sequences on 4P series sensors with NAV module and RTK base station.

Solid Red Light on Power up

Indicates a problem with the microSD card:

Ensure sure the microSD card is properly formatted, use SlantRange Toolbox to reformat.
Ensure the microSD card has enough remaining memory.
Ensure the microSD card is a high speed video card, UHS speed class 3 required.

Solid Green and Red, Blinking Yellow Light

Indicates the sensor does not detect the AIS:

Power off the system and remove and reinsert the AIS cable from both ends.
Check the AIS cable for damage. Contact SlantRange support, and send log file if issue persists.

Solid Green and Blinking Yellow Light

Indicates the sensor is not passing pre-flight checks:

For Precision Navigation Module systems, pick up the drone and sensor and move them a few meters while rotating, giving the accelerometer new motion data. Lights should quickly turn to blinking green, yellow, red indicating RTK status and completed pre-flight checks.
The sensor is unable to get a GPS lock. Move drone and sensor away from large metal objects and power lines.
The sensor needs to be recalibrated, contact SlantRange support.

Upon Landing, the Green Light is not Blinking or Red Light is Solid

Indicates a data capture error during flight:

Run Quick Look tool to evaluate where data capture stopped. If needed, fly mission again.
Sensor may have reached temperature shutdown. Cool the sensor off with AC/fan from the vehicle.

In RTK Mode, Red Light never turns Solid

Indicates that the sensor is not receiving RTCM data from the base station:

Check the Emlid RTK base station is on and has acquired coordinates in its current mode using the Reachview app.
Check the 915MHz telemetry radios have a solid green and blinking red lights.
If the telemetry radio on the drone is solid red, unplug the connector on the radio and reattach.

Solid Green and Red Light after Pressing AIS Button

Indicates a camera initialization error, often related to power supply:

Press the AIS button again to stop data capture. Wait for the Red, Green, and Yellow lights and wait for 10 more seconds. Press the AIS button again to initiate data capture a second time.
Power cycle the sensor system.
Disconnect and reconnect sensor to the Skyport.

Generate and Send a System Log to SlantRange

If you encounter an issue that cannot be resolved here, please contact

Give a brief description of the issue.
Attach a system log file.
Attach any pictures or videos of the issue.