Why am I seeing gaps in coverage and overlap?

Flight planning apps must have the correct camera parameters to accurately set sidelap and frontlap.

2p and 3p sensors are designed to be aircraft-agnostic (the 3PX integrates directly with the M200 aircraft and flight planning apps via the DJI SKYPORT), meaning they do not communicate directly with the aircraft or flight planning software. This means the user must set the camera parameters for the SlantRange sensor in the app to fly an appropriate mission.

Accurate, calibrated multispectral imagery requires a narrower field of view than industry-standard wide-angle RGB drone cameras, such as the DJI Zenmuse X series. If the flight planner sets the overlap for your mission based on a wider field of view camera, you may end up with a coverage map that looks like this despite specifying 50% sidelap, for example.


When planning missions with the Flight Plan app by Beyond the Cube, select your SlantRange sensor model in the settings menu.

In DroneDeploy, you must install the free SlantRange app from the App Market, and select the "Calculate parameters" setting to tell the mission planner to use the camera parameters for your sensor: