Flight Planning: Measure Ground Control

Measure Ground Control supports all SlantRange sensors and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. The application requires a paid subscription. For more information visit www.measure.com.

After installing and logging into Measure Ground Control, you will be brought to this screen. When planning and flying a SlantRange mission you would first select the Flight Plan option.

Measure 1

SlantRange data collections must be collected using automated flight planning in a grid style. When using automated flight planning, the flight plan will upload to the drone in its entirety or in segments depending on the size of the plan.

Measure 2

Once the flight plan is uploaded the flight controller on the drone is entirely in control of the flight, Measure Ground Control will simply be used to display telemetry data.

Step 1: Choose and name a new flight plan (or select previously-saved flights).

Measure 3

Step 2: Select a SlantRange camera to obtain the correct flight leg spacing, speed, and resolution.

Measure 4

Step 3: Create a mission name and choose some other attributes such as drone camera and mission code.

Measure 5

Step 4: Adjust the map to your desired flight area. Setting up your flight area is done by dragging the corner points to your desired location.

Additional points can be added by tapping the "plus" icons. The flight settings panel allows the appropriate details to be set including front and sidelap, resolution, flight direction, and speed. The bottom of the screen displays flight information including estimated flight time, area covered, and number images to be captured.

Step 5: Power on your drone and sensor. Connect device to controller.

Step 6: Initiate data capture on the SlantRange sensor by pressing the AIS button for 1 second. Once the green LED on the AIS is blinking you are ready to take off. (Linked here is more information on AIS light sequences).

Step 7: Fly! Tapping "Save" will save the flight plan and begin a pre-flight check. Once complete, the flight can begin.

During flight, the app will automatically control gimbal pitch and image capture based on the flight settings. Once completed, the drone will automatically return to home. If you swap batteries, the mission will pause and resume where it left off.

After the mission and the aircraft has landed, stop data capture on the SlantRange sensor by pressing the AIS button for 1 second. Once all the LEDs are on, power off your drone. You will have to do this for each battery swap and repeat Step 5 before launching to resume the mission.