How To Export Images from SlantView for Agisoft Metashape

SlantRange images can be exported for processing in Agisoft Metashape using the export tools in SlantView

Keep in mind, the industry standard to generate native resolution stitched mosaics of agricultural image data, which is very prone to aliasing due to the repeating features in the images, is typically 80% overlap, resulting in 4x the flight time and 16x the raw data when compared to the flight parameters used for processing in SlantView.

The export tools referenced in this article are available in the free version of SlantView, known as SlantView Lite.

Step 1: Access SlantView

Log in to your SlantView account to begin the data export.


Step 2: Agisoft Export Option

Click Settings > Export options. In the Targeted section, check Agisoft then click OK.

SlantView Processing Options

Step 3: Process the Dataset

Select Data > Process dataset then select the desired dataset folder. Enter the Grower, Field name, and Crop type. Select the Process pull down menu, choose Export images, and click OK.


When finished, SlantView will create a new subfolder named Agisoft. In the folder, each spectral band will be separated into its own folder with an export_image_data.csv file. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 4.56.26 PM

Step 4: Open Agisoft

Open Agisoft to import the images. Select Workflow > Add Folder. Navigate to the dataset and select the Agisoft folder created in Step 3 above.

After the images have been imported, select Multi-camera system and Arrange images based on meta data. Select OK.


Click the Reference tab on the bottom to view image metadata.


We recommend setting the primary channel to GREEN.

To update this setting go to Tools > Set Primary Channel > Channel 2 - GREEN


We recommend you add accuracy metadata from the “export_image_data.csv” file.

On the “Reference” tab, select the import icon:

  • Navigate to the Agisoft dataset folder and select the first band folder.
  • Select the “export_image_data.csv” file and click Open.
  • Select the Delimiter to be Comma, select Position Accuracy, set the Start import at row to 2, and set the columns as shown below. Click OK.

(NOTE:  Latitude and Longitude accuracy are set to the same column)

SlantRange Agisoft MetaShape Processing

Now that the SlantView data has been added to the project you can start processing by selecting Workflow > Align Photos. Please contact Agisoft for further assistance.

SlantRange Agisoft MetaShape Processing