Third-Party Software: Drone2Map

How to export imagery from SlantView and process in Drone2Map.

SlantView image exports for Pix4D are compatible with Drone2Map so the first step is to use the Pix4D export function to prepare the images for processing in Drone2Map. Note that the images need to be collected with the overlap recommended by Drone2Map.

Exporting Imagery from SlantView

Step 1: From a new SlantView window, select 'Settings' > 'Export Options'.

Export Options-1

Step 2: Select 'Pix4D' targeted processing. Click 'OK'.


Step 3: Navigate to the pre-processing window by selecting 'Data' > 'Process dataset'.

Process Dataset-1

Step 4: Select the raw dataset folder.

Select Raw Dataset-1

Step 5: Fill out the requested information, and select the 'Export Images' processing type. Click OK.


Step 6: After processing is complete, confirm a Pix4D folder was created in the raw dataset folder. This folder contains calibrated imagery for importing into Drone2Map. 

Pix4D Folder-1

Processing Imagery in Drone2Map

Step 1: Select the '2D Full' project template and click 'Next'.

2D Full

Step 2: Name your project, and select 'Add Folder'.

Set-Up Project

Step 3: Navigate to the Pix4D folder location and click 'OK'.

Folder Location

Step 4: Wait for the images to upload then click 'Create'.


Step 5: Begin processing by clicking 'Start'.

Start Processing