AIS Light Codes

SlantRange systems use light codes to communicate sensor status with operator.

Standard AIS Light Codes

  • Upon powering the sensor: cycling green, yellow, and red lights indicate sensor startup.
  • Solid green, blinking yellow: searching for GPS and pre-flight checks (*Upon first use, sensor may take up to 15 minutes to get GPS lock)
  • Solid green, yellow, and red lights indicate successful startup, ready for data collection.
  • Press and hold button on AIS until yellow light appears
  • Solid yellow: starting data capture
  • Solid green: camera initialization
  • Blinking green: Sensor is ready for takeoff
  • Upon landing, press AIS button and hold until yellow light
  • Solid yellow light indicates the sensor is stopping data capture.
  • Solid green, yellow, red: data capture complete. Ready for shutdown, or new data collection

Troubleshooting Codes

Solid Red on Bootup:

The red light on the AIS means there is an error with the SD card. This error includes the SD card is full, there is not an SD card installed on the system, or it is not formatted to FAT-32. If you need to format new SD cards, you can do so through the SlantRange Toolbox. The card included with the system is formatted correctly when shipped.

Blinking Yellow, Solid Green on Bootup (5+ Minutes):

Constant solid green and blinking yellow lights on the AIS after power up is an indication that the sensor is not properly installed, calibrated, or does not have a GPS lock.

If you are experiencing this error, please complete the following steps in order:

  1. Confirm you are outdoors and away from large metal objects during bootup.
  2. Confirm you are not moving the system during bootup.
  3. Re-conduct a compass calibration
  4. Upgrade to the latest firmware, and let the system run outside for 10 minutes. If the system does not pass pre-flight, please generate a system log from the SlantRange toolbox and attach in an email to SlantRange Support (

Solid Red, Blinking Green on Landing:

A blinking green light and solid red light after a flight indicate an error during data collection. The data should be checked and the flight should be performed again.

On rare occasions, errors can occur during a flight and the system will notify the user with a solid red light on the AIS. The solid red light can indicate the following:

  • Camera triggering issues
  • Camera disconnection
  • The sensor overheated

In all situations, the sensor stopped collecting data during the flight. The coverage map should be checked in SlantView to see where data collection stopped.

If the issue persists across multiple flights, please contact SlantRange support. Include a system log generated from the SlantRange toolbox in communication.