How do I upload data with the SlantRange Uploader tool?

The data uploader application is used to upload data to our cloud platform and can also be used to quickly share data with our customer support team.

Getting Started With SlantRange_ Upload Your RGB Camera Data

The application interface is simple, easy to use, and runs in the background.

  • The uploader is installed with SlantView by default or you can download it here.
  • Open the SlantRange Upload application by clicking the SlantRange icon in your system tray (you must login first if SlantView was just installed).
  • The main application window:


  • To add data to the upload queue, select one the SlantView data types.
    • Select Add Workspace and navigate to the .workspace file to upload a SlantView post processed workspace. Example: 20170523T160644.workspace.
    • Select Add Raw Image Upload and navigate to the data set folder name to upload all raw images and log files. Example: 20180552T160644.
    • Once the folder is selected the information window will pop up. Enter in the information and be as specific and consistent as possible.


  • The Upload speed pull down allows the user to limit the upload bandwidth used.
  • Select the Quit button when all data has been added to the queue to minimize the application window and keep uploading in the background.
  • To check the progress of the uploader click the SlantRange system tray icon on the bottom right of the desktop.


Login to to view raw image uploads.