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RTK Setup: System Installation (M300)

Step 1: Install custom SlantRange Mounting Kit onto M300 using the (4) screws provided. Confirm that the arms of the mount fold backward on the aircraft.

Raise and lower the locking mechanism to swing the antenna arm.


image (46)File_007

Step 2: Install the AIS onto the included mounting bracket.




image (43)

Step 3: Install antennas using 3M double-sided tape.

The color-coded "red" antenna should be installed on the port side of the aircraft. The color-coded black antenna on the starboard side of the aircraft.

File_012Step 4: Attach radio to M300, with included adhesive tape, underneath the body of aircraft, above sensor's NAV module, with the antenna pointing down.


image (41)

Step 5: Attach the sensor to starboard side port

image (45)

Step 6: Attach antenna cables to their color-coded ports on the sensor.

IMG_2769-1Step 7: Attach included cable to the installed radio, sensor, and AIS.

IMG_2784 (1)

Step 8: Attach base station to tripod. Connect radio to base station using included cable. Make sure the side labeled "Host" is connected to the base station and side labeled "Cable Creation" is connected to the radio.