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RTK Setup: Software Configuration

Configure the Emlid Reach RS+ RTK Base Station to operate as a base station in single precision mode and output RTCM3 messages over serial through the telemetry radio

After configuring your base station you must check the settings for your radios. Confirm the baud rate of 57600 matches your radio settings. 

  1. Download the ReachView app from the App Store.
  2. Turn on base station. Wait for blue "Net" light to turn solid.
  3. Connect to the base station WiFi labeled "reach xx:xx". The WiFi password is "emlidreach".
  4. Once you've connected to the WiFi, open the Emlid Reach app on your mobile device and select the base station from the list.
  5. Open the "Base mode" tab and set the Corrections output, base coordinates, and RTCM3 messages to the values shown below.
  6. Tap "Apply" to accept the changes.
Baud Rate