How to Perform a Data Quality Check

After completing a data collection, the next step is to run a quality check

Quality Check

To complete a data quality check:

  • Insert the SD card into your computer and open SlantView

SlantRange Tip: Running Your First Data Quality Check

If this is your first data quality check, you'll need to create a data directory for your SD card before continuing. When you insert your SD card into your computer and open SlantView, follow these steps in the window that appears:

  • Click “manage data directories” on the left
  • Click “select folder” and choose the appropriate location
Once you add your folder, your datasets will automatically appear in the data management panel every time you insert the SD card and open SlantView. 
  • In the data management panel on the right, click the three dots at the end of the selected dataset
  • Click “data quality” from the menu that appears
  • Once complete, you’ll see an overview of all the images you’ve collected during your flight
  • Verify that the images cover the appropriate places on the field
  • Verify that the majority of the images are not outlined in red or yellow. The images below indicate good quality and poor quality examples. 
    • If the majority of your images are outlined in red or yellow, you'll have to recollect your data. Please notify your SlantRange contact for troubleshooting.

Example of a Good Quality Check Assessment

Example of a Poor Quality Check Assessment