How to use the Data Alignment Tool

Step 1: Select a field, and navigate to an uploaded dataset with a processed orthomosaic. 

Select Dataset

Step 2: Select the orthomosaic background, and remove all views except for "Plot Boundaries"

Plot and Ortho Selection-1

Step 3: Select the edit icon on the top left of the screen


Step 4: Select an individual plot to move. After 3 plots have been moved, the map will be updated to show all plots in the new positionEdit1

Step 5: Visually adjust the four corner plots for best alignment. 





Step 6: Review alignment, making further adjustments as necessary. 

Edit7Step 7: Save alignment by clicking the save icon on the top left of the screen. To cancel progress click the "X" icon. 

Edit6Once saved your results will automatically be calculated, and be available to view as soon as they are done reprocessing.