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Aerial Phenotyping: Onboarding

Step 1: Installing System

Install the system onto the drone using the articles copied below. Once complete send photos of the sensor, cable connections, and base station to support@slantrange.com to verify the correct installation. 

Resources for M200

Resources for M300 

The color-coded "red" antenna should be installed on the port side of the aircraft. The color-coded "black" antenna on the starboard side of the aircraft

Base Station Cable: Make sure the side labeled "Host" is connected to the base station and the side labeled "Cable Creation" is connected to the radio.

Step 2: Account Creation

  1. Create an account on analytics.slantrange.com
  2. Download the latest version of:
    1. SlantView
    2. 4P/4P+ Sensor Toolbox
    3. SlantRange Upload Tool

Video Instructions:


Step 3: Compass Calibration

Once the system is installed, please complete a compass calibration outdoors and away from metal objects, This only needs to be done once, unless the sensor travels more than 500 miles or new hardware is installed onto the aircraft. 

Video Instructions:

Compass Calibration

Wifi Password:

3p Sensors: slantrange3p

4p Sensors: slantrange

Step 4: Flight Planning

Video Instructions:

Flight Planning AP 2

Step 5: Data Collection

Video Instructions:

Data Capture

Step 6: Quality Check

Video Instructions:

Quality Check 2

Step 7: Data Upload

Video Instructions: 

Upload Tool


Step 8: Viewing Your Data

Once your data has been processed, you can view it in our Aerial Phenotyping platform. Watch this video to learn how to see your results and interact with your data. 

SlantRange Aerial Phenotyping Platform Walkthrough (Research & Breeding)