Accessing the SlantRange API

SlantRange’s API functionality makes it easy to move and distribute data across platforms. Here's how to access it.

SlantRange has an API available for you to access your plot data and pull it into your proprietary system. This knowledge base article contains information your developers can use to access the SlantRange API and sync your data. 

What Information Is Available Through An API?

  • A list of all your locations
  • Shape file data in GeoJSON format
  • Plot data for a requested location
  • Statistics for a specific plot
  • Orthomosaic images of plots

To access the API, please contact your SlantRange representative or We will provide sample code and further instructions for implementation.

Once you've received the OpenAPI documentation and sample code from your SlantRange representative:

  1. Review the OpenAPI documentation. The document describes the API in greater detail contains important access instructions, such as:
      • Available endpoints
      • Parameters
      • Response codes
  2. Make your request to the SlantRange API with the sample program code
  3. Review the data structures needed for accessing the plot API

Note: Sample code snippets just provide API access for gathering plot data. Depending on your use case and the programming language of your systems, you may need to do of your own development.