4P Systems: Mounting Instructions


The field sensor and AIS are directional and must be oriented forward throughout the flight. The button faces forward on the AIS and the SD card slot faces forward on the 4P field sensor, as shown in the images below.


The field sensor requires cooling airflow while in operation; mount on the aircraft so cooling airflow reaches the sensor. Do not leave the field sensor on for extended periods of time without cooling airflow (e.g. for several minutes on the ground before takeoff or after landing), and do not leave a battery connected when not in use.

AIS Position

The AIS must have an unobstructed view of the sky, and the white dome should point directly upward (zenith) when in flight. Mount the AIS on top of the aircraft, making sure propellers, antennas, batteries, cables, etc. will not cast shadows on the white dome.

Mounting Angle

Mount the field sensor to compensate for the forward tilt of the aircraft in flight by angling the mounting bracket. The angle needed to maintain the sensor’s downward (nadir) orientation will vary based on multi-rotor weight distribution and velocity.